2021 will be the year for businesses to reinvent themselves, upgrade, pivot and take adventurous new strides. It will be the year to win new business, replace lost revenue and set new goals.

Planning your sales process is vital for success. So what will you do differently this time around?

On Tuesday 8th December, Ben Bagg of BeeCore and I hosted a webinar to discuss what sales processes worked in 2019, what didn’t work in 2020, and what will work in 2021 to ensure business growth.

If you missed the session and would like to watch the recording, request your copy now.

7 top tips to revamp your sales process in 2021

1. In-person events will be back with vengeance – start scheduling yours now!

2. In a world where email is the main form of contact, send snail mail to help you stand out. Even better, send personalised ‘lumpy mail’ such as a gift or an attention-grabbing item that you can follow up with a “hi, did you receive the ‘X’ I sent you in the post?” phone call.

3. Add additional touch points to your sales process; going straight from inquiry to sale won’t always work. Instead, try inquiry > nurture > nurture > nurture > nurture > sale.

4. Build a value journey, create content targeted at your buyer personas to start conversations.

5. Combine email, telephone, LinkedIn, snail mail & other channels into your conversations, don’t rely on just 1 or 2 channels.

6. Work on your mindset, think about your “success list” and work towards it. Think, talk and walk positively into the new year.

7. At every touch point, try to offer knowledge, advice, industry stats and help to your customer.

If you would like to speak to myself or Ben about improving your sales process, please contact wendypatterson@actioncoach.com to book a free session.

About Kevin Riley

As an experienced and accomplished business leader, developing and leading SMEs over the last 20 years across two continents, Business Growth Specialist Kevin Riley has real world experience of the challenges business owners experience and face.

He has developed and lead key areas such as Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance and HR through the different phases of their growth. Kevin is passionate about developing leaders, creating high performing teams and repeatable processes to achieve sustained profitable growth.

About Ben Bagg

Ben Bagg has 10 years of business development experience. He has worked with small, medium & large enterprise accounts across 4 continents, and has worked in Distribution, SaaS, Agency & Event sales teams.

With a wide range of industry experience, Ben has focused his expertise on opening doors, connecting businesses, and using value-driven prospecting strategies.

His highly successful business, Beecore, helps small & medium businesses in the UK build a strong pipeline by helping them meet prospects in their markets.