We can all agree that 2020 was a challenging year, but now it is time to move forward – in your business and personal life – regardless of the latest lockdown.

Here are 12 key points to consider:

  1. Respond to the ever-changing environment – note the word ‘respond’, i.e. remain unemotional in your decision making, do not react; reaction is fuelled by emotions.
  2. Control your environment – read the latest statement from the government, translate this to your business and personal life, then take control. There is no need to continually listen or watch the news – this will add no value to you.
  3. Plan, don’t panic – Think, Plan, Act.
  4. Over communicate with staff, with suppliers, with your community and your customers.
  5. Ask yourself:
    a) How is my business going come out of this stronger?
    b) How is my team going to come out of this stronger?
    c) How am I going to come out of this stronger?
  6. Look for opportunities (i.e. assess any problems – then shift to opportunities).
  7. Take this time to work ON your business, dedicate time for self-development. Your business cannot out grow you.
  8. Raise your visibility and profile, up all your marketing (not necessarily paid) and presence in all areas.
  9. Practise gratitude – what has gone well today? Focus on the positives.
  10. Control your thoughts, do not allow your thoughts to control you.
  11. Update your cashflow forecast, and look at increasing credit if required.
  12. Ensure your employees wellbeing – step up as a leader and LEAD with OPTIMISM!

Many of our clients have had personal best trading periods since COVID impacted our economy back in March 2020 – in sectors you would not have expected.

There are opportunities out there and there will continue to be opportunities out there. Will you sit back and allow your competitors to identify and seize them before you?

We have gifted over 750 coaching sessions to business owners who needed support and guidance helping them adapt and evolve their business since the first lockdown began. We are committed to continuing this support and endeavour to guide as many business owners as possible to success in 2021.

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