We are all used to giving gifts – birthdays, Christmas, Easter, anniversaries – but what about the in between times? The times where gifts could be given without traditional prompts and calendar reminders.

What ever happened to the true art of gift giving?

And what has this got to do with business coaching?

Simply put, spontaneous gifting shows that you care. It helps to build and strengthen relationships, and it puts you at the forefront of the receivers mind.

It shows that you listened when your client told you they love salted caramel fudge, or that they got a new puppy (yes, we gifted a ‘new puppy pack’ this week), or that they achieved a business goal they had been working towards for the past 5 years. These are all incredible things – why not celebrate them?

Gifting need not be expensive – the monetary value should be irrelevant – it is most definitely ‘the thought that counts’. So whether you hand write a card, give a homemade present, or splash out on an expensive item, the feel good factor that comes from both giving and receiving will do your relationship with the receiver a world of good.

Take mental notes when your clients (or your partner, or friends) talk about the things they enjoy. Be perceptive when you are together – what do they like to eat / drink / do? Then add a little creativity, humour and perfect timing into the mix and you are onto a winner!