IF, by Rudyard Kipling – a poem which has resonated with me throughout my life and my career. In light of the current Coronavirus business crisis, I believe that Kiplings words are as relevant now as they have ever been. I have made this video to reach out to business owners and let you know that you are not alone; and I would like to share my learnings and interpretation of this poem with you…

As a business owner and Father, I know how easily self-doubt can creep into your life. How often you can worry about whether you are doing the right thing, making the right decisions, staying in favour with your colleagues, peers, family and friends…. you must accept that there will always be people who doubt you and make allowances for them as you continue on your path.

It’s important not to lose your head in the clouds; yet it is also important to dream, to strive for more, to believe you can achieve regardless of the circumstances and take action to make those dreams come true.

Life is full of ups and downs – chose not to wallow in the depths or celebrate at the peaks for too long. At each opportunity, learn from the experience and come back stronger. It is not the failure or success that will define you – it is how you react that matters most.

It is true that you won’t win them all, but that should not stop you from trying. In life, as in business, take risks, challenge yourself and never give up. Who knows what you could achieve if you go just one step further?

And finally, always remember where you came from and why you are where you are today, fighting for the dream you created. If you fall, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start again. Know yourself, love yourself and be confident in yourself. Build relationships, make friends, seek advice, give advice… because if you give life your all despite all odds “yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, and – which is more – you’ll be a Man my Son!”.


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