Business Growth Specialist and Senior Partner at ActionCOACH Warwick, Kevin Riley, will be sharing his wealth of experience with radio listeners across Coventry and Warwickshire on Thursday 11th July.

Joining BBC Coventry and Warwickshire Radio presenter Trish Adudu live on The Breakfast Show at 07:20am, Kevin will discuss actions that entrepreneurs can take to ensure their business not only grows, but thrives.

With over 20 years of business experience leading and developing SME’s, Kevin has himself experienced the pitfalls that many business owners face. It’s these learning curves, combined with his extensive skillset, that allow him to work with entrepreneurs who experience their own challenges along the way.

Kevin joined ActionCOACH in 2018 to follow his dream of helping business owners through the stages of business growth and has pledged to create 150 millionaires in the next 10 years.

“The community and culture of abundance at ActionCOACH is what initially drew me in and that’s what I want to share with other business owners. I’m hoping to give people the entrepreneurial spirit, helping them to see the light on dark days.” said Kevin.

“My mission is to enable business owners to not only create great businesses with sustained profitable growth, but also to lead incredible lives; lives providing the freedom that business ownership always promises yet rarely delivers. I hardly ever meet a business owner that doesn’t struggle with time, team or money issues in their personal or professional life.”

ActionCOACH, the worlds number 1 business coaching company, has helped deliver exceptional success for thousands of businesses worldwide and continually works at a local level through highly experienced business coaches who dedicate themselves to creating wealth and prosperity for local business owners.

“People don’t think twice about getting a sports coach to improve performance, so why should it be any different for business? Getting a business coach isn’t a sign of failing. As a business owner, you don’t need to struggle through challenges on your own like I once did – using a business coach will help you overcome obstacles and thrive.” Kevin added.

Make me a millionaire!

If you missed Kevin’s live interview on Thursday 11th July, you can listen here: