The impact of COVID 19 and lockdown will never be forgotten. However, as we reach the final few months of this historic period, let’s focus on the future and moving from a state of chaos to control.┬áThe following series of short videos are designed to support and motivate you to make positive changes with big impacts to ensure that your business comes out of this stronger than ever before.

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Session 1: Begin with the End in Mind (2:25)

Session 2: Regaining Control (2:09)

Session 3: Marketing Strategies (3:33)

Session 4: Your Team (1:59)

Session 5: Time Management (6:03)

Session 6: Motivation and Goals (3:38)

Session 7: Business Plan (3:33)

Session 8: Converting Leads to Customers (7:29)

Session 9: Beliefs (1:44)