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Cultivating a profitable business with ActionCOACH

Carty Services, a gardening contractor based in Warwickshire, was founded in 2005 by Martin Carty with a belief that indoor and outdoor areas should be nurtured and maintained, with a personal touch. Martin was like many new entrepreneurs – passionate and knowledgeable, but with little expertise in the logistics of running a business. After being with ActionCOACH for just one year, Carty Services is now renowned for its great customer service and attention to detail, experiencing 67% profit growth since their coaching began.

“Before I met business coach Kath Cleary my profit margin was virtually non-existent. Now, less than one year on, our turnover has increased by 15% and growing! Kath has not only improved the financial landscape of my business but also my mindset – she has taught me how to make use of my team and their unique skills, even ones they weren’t necessarily employed for such as accountancy, to shape a motivated, efficient team.”


Sowing the seeds

Martin launched the business part-time from home with a £200 initial investment. Carty Services has since flourished into a full-time business with 14 dedicated team members.

Originally attending ActionCOACH’s ProfitCLUB for six months, Martin got a taste of the winning strategies ActionCOACH helps budding entrepreneurs to develop. Designed to offer business owners a structured environment to brainstorm, ask for and receive advice from a certified Action Coach and share strategies for the best business acumen, ProfitCLUB provides its members with a mutually supportive network. Improving his turnover by £40,000 through implementing strategies he had learnt during the first few sessions of ProfitCLUB, Martin then chose to embark on one-to-one business coaching.

ActionCOACH’s main appeal to Martin was the franchise’s emotional take on the business world. “Through ProfitCLUB, I experienced first-hand ActionCOACH’s focus on not only their client’s finances but their lives. Kath suggested we meet up to discuss the different elements of my business – she knew that although my finances needed work, I wanted to learn how I could improve in other areas too. Following an initial complimentary strategy session with Kath, at the end of 2021, Martin invested in fortnightly one-to-one coaching sessions.


Slow and steady growth

“I realised, both from my time with ProfitCLUB and that first strategy session, that Kath and I would work well together. She provided me with an overview of how a successful business should manage its finances, and how we could adapt my current business model to match that of a profitable business. When I began attending ProfitCLUB, it felt as if my business was out of control in every direction – I had grown the business on a part-time basis which meant cash flow was a problem and work was on my mind all the time. I was constantly worried about managing areas of my business I wasn’t comfortable with – namely accounting and finance – and I was always pushing myself to my limits to try and provide for my family.

“Kath’s depth of knowledge and the way she held me accountable for the goals we had set encouraged me to believe I could turn my business around. Our initial goal was to take control of the finances of Carty Services by setting money aside for VAT and tax – elements of a usual business transaction that I wasn’t making use of. From here, I had to become more proactive in seeking out clients to help my business thrive. Kath taught me how to network – how to have belief in myself and the business so I could confidently recommend my services to potential clients.”

With his newfound belief in the future of his business, Carty Services began to grow. Organisational strategies and a desire to network have led Martin to acquire four new customers during his time with Kath so far. After obtaining no new clients for several years, this milestone represents the steady growth Carty Services has gained in less than a year.


Reaping the rewards

“Within six months of working with Kath I started to have more of an income from the business. Alongside this, I also had more free time because I was more organised. My working life has been completely transformed and I now have the time to consider how I can improve Carty Services – for my team and our clients – instead of worrying about making ends meet. Now we have a clear business plan and strategies in place, my team has a new sense of motivation with everyone working towards growing the business to the best it can be.

“As a team, our work-life balance has also improved. For me personally, my home life has completely changed – I now have spare time to spend with my wife Alice and our children which I never had before. I’m no longer missing out on family outings or celebrations as I know my business is under control and I don’t need to work extra hours to keep it afloat. My family and I have grown closer over the last year because of this, making me realise how ActionCOACH has transformed every aspect of my life.”

Martin’s next goal is simple – to ensure his business and self-efficacy continue to flourish. “ActionCOACH has opened my eyes to a world of business strategy and organisation I never knew existed. I have now hired an accountant to help me keep on top of my finances, but it was beneficial learning about this first-hand initially as I now understand that side of the business. This last year has been a steep learning curve. Kath has been behind me every step of the way – she has driven me to make Carty Services a business that cares for our clients as much as their gardens and exterior spaces.”


The coach perspective

“When Martin first joined ProfitCLUB in 2021, he was quiet and in a slightly different position to the other club members as he had been running his business for several years. Despite this, he still found the sessions valuable as they provided him with an insight into what a successful business looks like. Since coaching began, Martin has gained stability, managed his cash flow and worked to increase profitability. Martin takes everything I tell him on board. It is a pleasure to coach someone so enthusiastic – I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him and the team.”


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