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Pack Smart Ltd was founded in Kenilworth in 2009 by two highly-experienced fulfilment professionals, Nick Walker and Seánna Holland. With more than 20 years of operational and process experience in both manufacturing and service industries and extensive experience in the development and growth of a customer care centre supporting an ecommerce business, they launched Pack Smart to deliver niche, bespoke, fulfilment solutions. They began business coaching with Kevin Riley in May 2020 and have experienced outstanding results. Here, Nick tells the story of their coaching journey so far…

“Before we met Kevin, Pack Smart had been treading water – it was slowly growing organically and myself and my business partner were consumed with the day to day running of the business. We couldn’t see the wood for the trees and we had no time to steer or drive the business – we were just there to turn the cogs and our working hours kept creeping up and up.

Kevin has given us the tools and guidance to turn this trend around, allowing us to step away from the day to day activities and really start moving the business forward. Together we have worked on target setting, sales growth, organisational structure, employee recruitment, new training and induction, streamlining – all the things we wanted (and knew) were essential, but we somehow never got around to doing. It has made a huge difference to the business which is now growing rapidly.

With Kevin’s support, we set a 5-year plan with multiple targets to work towards. We have been fortunate enough to benefit from the surge in online sales during the COVID-19 pandemic and Christmas peak period, and we have therefore achieved a large number of these. We have exceeded our 1-year targets, acquired multiple new clients and look forward to increasing our efforts during years 2 and 3 to continue to exceed our goals. We have experienced significant increases in turnover and despite heavy reinvestment within the business remain a stable and profitable business into 2021. We have 28 new employees and doubled our physical capacity by opening a second distribution warehouse.

During our peaks of November and December, Kevin was a fantastic sounding board, providing extra sessions and helping us through problematic periods in order to meet our customer and delivery expectations. He has made me listen to my thoughts and recognise that deep down inside I do know what I am doing (most of the time!). Previously I have been completely risk adverse, now I am taking a (calculated) risk or two – and its paying off! I would absolutely recommend Kevin and his coaching to my colleagues and friends. We hit it off from our very first call and the difference it has made to our business speaks for itself.

Here’s to an explosive 2021!”


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Pack Smart business owners Seánna Holland and Nick Walker

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